The New House assistance:
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To us Assistance means listening to the customer and being proactive: before, during and after a sale. New House assistance makes our expertise and drive concrete.

There is no problem we will not strive to solve: a specific project need, a specific after-sales request, a specific critical issue: we are here for you!

With the wish to handle your inquiries as promptly as possible, we have already arranged special FAQs for sales and rentals: consult them to find answers to the queries that are most frequently submitted to us. If you do not find the one that applies to you, please do not hesitate to write to us via the dedicated form.

Besides, you will find, in the respective pages of the menu, a form dedicated to sales, one to rental and one specifically to assistance: always choose the form that best meets your needs! This way your request will immediately reach the competent person and you will be helping us to process each query faster.

Our colleagues and operators are trained to solve, even electronically, most of the problems.
Thanks to FAQs and dedicated forms, we are always there for you, even when we are closed.
Being professional is a must for us, but being cordial is an honor: the difference comes even in the little things.
For any technical problem, will arrange for youto be contacted by the appropriate person in charge.


What information do I need to request a quote?

To receive an offer for our modules, it is necessary to indicate: dimensions (length, width), internal height required, any equipment and their quantity (electrical, sanitary, climate etc.), and the module’s purpose of use. For the offer formulation, plans and planimetric drafts relating to the object of the supply are also of great use. For the quotation of the transport, please indicate the destination of the supply and, in the case of rental, the expected duration of the lease.

Can I ask for a quote for both sale and rental?

Sale and rental are managed independently by the respective departments, which offer the customer the most appropriate quote with respect to the request received. While we can offer customized products for sale, the rental follows pre-established standards. However, the flexibility of choice between some models and in the context of water and sanitary facilities remains guaranteed (eg toilet compartments/wc etc). To view the standard configurations available for leasing, please visit the specific page on our website.

Is it possible to buy with the "leasing" formula?

No, New House operates on a sale and rental basis only.

Is it cheaper to buy a module with Flat-Pack shipping?

The Flat-Pack solutions with assembly instructions are ideal for multiple purchases of simple modules, allowing you to optimize transport costs while maintaining the overall dimensions of 1 module only. In the case of single units, it is preferable to purchase pre-assembled modules, reducing the operations to be carried out by the customer and keeping the cost of transport fixed. To discover the assembly of our Flat-Pack solutions, please view the videos on our website in the 1000 series and M1 series sections.

What works are needed for the installation of the prefabricated buildings?

The modules can be installed on concrete slabs, curbs or blocks, in adequate quantities and positions depending on the case. New House can provide the order with the recommended scheme for the construction of the foundations, the calculation and execution of which remains under the customers’ responsibility.

Do you need permissions, releases or authorizations?

Yes, it is necessary to obtain permits from local administrations depending on the purpose of use of the prefabricated buildings and their size. To find out about any exceptions and variations, it is advisable to consult the building regulations of your area in order to verify the adequacy of your project, or any additional technical requirements to be respected.


Is it necessary to clean it before returning a rental modular prefabricated building?

Sì. Otherwise we will be forced to charge you the cost of the final cleaning.

Who is liable in the event of damage to a rental modular prefab?

The hirer is liable for all damages, from burglary to natural forces. However, you can insure your rental modular prefab at any time!

How long can you rent a modular prefab for rent?

It can last as long as you like because there is no maximum rental period. We take care of the individual needs of our customers for each individual project. The minimum rental period is instead 60 days.

Is it cheaper to rent a modular prefab for a long period of time?

We at New House do not provide flat-rate prices because we always prepare a tailor-made quote that is calculated exactly according to the customer’s needs. In any case, it is always advisable to send us a request without obligation.

Can I pay the rental in advance for the agreed period?

Invoicing in New House is extremely personalized and depends a lot on the solvency of our customers, as well as on the size of the plant and the number of modular prefabs rented.

Is it possible to buy the modular prefab that I previously rented?

In certain circumstances there is this possibility, but only after consulting us.

Can I rent a modular prefab including a storage location?

No, but we can put you in touch with a self-storage service that can help you in this regard.

Do I have to insure a modular prefab for rent?

This is something you can decide for yourself. New House does not askits customers for any insurance for modular rental prefabs.

How long does it take to deliver New House's modular prefabricated rental units?

It always depends on the availability in the New House warehouses and the place of delivery. Contact us to request specific information!

Are door locks rented together with the modular prefabricated buildings?

The modular rental prefabs come standard with plastic locks that can be locked with a bit key. If you prefer to use cylinder locks, you will have to get them yourself!

Can I rent an air conditioner together with a prefab module?

Yes, you can rent an air conditioner together.

If I rent a modular prefab, can I also rent furniture together?

Yes, we offer various furniture and accessories for hire. The best way to choose is to take a look at our page dedicated to modular prefab rental.

Do I have to communicate if I want to extend the rental of a modular prefab for a longer period than the agreed one?

No. The rental period extends automatically until a cancellation is received.


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