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New House shelters, thanks to the specific knowledge of the product developed over the years, are calibrated on the needs of different sectors for which the company has historically manufactured and supplied their products, always with great customer satisfaction.

Among the various sectors, the civilianindustrial and petrochemical ones stand out, with multiple uses for shelters. In all the application fields, New House shelters highlight a deep technological knowledge that is the result of an ultra-decades experience and a guarantee of quality and reliability. The knowledge developed, translates into products that differ in terms of the high level of versatility and functionality, leaving the level of attention to the specifications requested by the customer unaltered.

In addition, the great variety of applications on which New House has worked over the years has allowed us to acquire excellent construction knowledge aimed at an efficient use of materials and the integration of equipment to provide operationally efficient products. An accurate analysis on the needs of the product use is the basis previously analyzed by our engineers to develop the best solution for the specific case.

The cabins are then engineered to facilitate the integration of the systems, such as HVAC systems with attached ducts, smoke detection and extinguishing systems, alarm systems and customized electrical wiring systems. If necessary ventilation grids and extractor hoods can be integrated. Depending on the requirements of the specifications, a variety of additional equipment and fittings can be integrated into the shelter, which is the constant object of the most varied customizations


Among the most typical applications, containers for the following uses are included:
• Analysis shelters
• Board control rooms
• Board rooms or cabins
• General technical rooms
• Technical rooms for the petrochemical industry
• Shelters for transmissions and telecommunications

The shelter structure is obtained with the use of a steel structure, generally but not exclusively with UPN beam for basement and roof, padded with self-built panels with AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel sheets and injected polyurethane.

Shelters, designed structurally according to Eurocodes can be manufactured in fire resistance class REI.

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