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This solution, based on the total absence of exposed structures, is the prerequisite for obtaining constructions that fit into the urban fabric without the nature of the building being revealed, clearly deviating from the common appearance of construction units.


Robustness, aesthetics, durability over time.


Lengths: 6,20 – 9,20 – 12,20 – 15,20 – 18,20 – 21,20 – 24,20 – 27,20 – 30,20 – 33,20 – 36,20 – 39,20 – 42,20 – 45,20 – 48,20 – 51,20 – 54,20 – 57,20 – 60,20 – 63,20 – 66,20 – 69,20 – 72,20 m
Width: 6,10 – 8,10 – 10,10 – 12,10 m
Inner heights: 2,70/3,00 – 3,50/4,00 m
Outer heights: approximately 1.40 m beyond the inner height Other sizes are available upon request.
Other sizes available upon request.


The constructive philosophy of this series includes a load-bearing structure characterized by the double upright system and trestlework truss, fixed to the upper ends of the those ones.
This formulation is repeated at a constant pitch of mt. 3.00 with connection purlins and roof support.

The trusses, at their ends and on the headboard, have protruding structures about 50 cm to support the perimeter rib and the gutter.

The fastening to the base is carried out through small blocks on slabs or anchor bolts to be previously drowned in it.

All the structures undergo painting treatment after degreasing and preliminary cleaning.

Hot galvanized structures can be supplied upon request, for installation in those areas with an atmosphere containing aggressive agents or near seaside places.


The standard walls supplied include 50 mm-thick panels obtained with double pre-paintedsupport and self-extinguishing polyurethane foamed at 35-40 Kg./cubic meter. However, depending on the particular technical solution adopted by us, external walls with thicknesses exceeding 120 mm can be inserted, in materials other than steel such as laminates, wood-concrete, phenolic plywood or metallic coatings such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Fire resistant walls classified as “EI” can be assembled as well. Moreover, walls with specific thicknesses to meet all requirements linked to the compliance with the energy regulations can be provided, too.

As far as the internal partitions are concerned, the series includes similar panels as already expressed for the perimeter ones, with a 40 mm thickness, color and possibility of variables according to their use. Mobile partitions to be acquired on the market can be assembled upon request.

The standard ceiling is made of panels similar to the wall, with a thickness of 40 mm and they are exposed pre-painted.


The roof of these prefabricated units is made of insulated panels with a mm 30 + 40 thickness, made up of a pre-painted corrugated external sheet, self-extinguishing polyurethane foam insulation and internal anti-condensate felt-paper fixed to the ridge cap. A large rainwater collection vessel is included, placed on a single depth side, as it is asingle pitch roof, including downspouts fixed to the outside of the wall.

The perimeter rib – made of corrugated coated steel – protrudes approximately 50 cm from the wall to which it is connected through appropriate printed panels. It is expected to be approx. 110 cm high, dimension that allows to tower over the whole system of the ridge cap so as to envisage the architectural design already described in the presentation. As for the walls, the perimeter rib can be supplied in different colors from the standard one.


The white pre-painted aluminum window and door frames can be chosen from a wide range. The standard one includes the insertion of 1040 x 1120 mm sliding windowswith transparent glass and security bars, 1040 x 2200 mm half-glazed doors and lower panel.

The interior doors have dimensions of 700-800 x 2.07 mm. On request, other window frames are always available such as 1800 x 1900 mm double-sided, awning/hopper, sliding windows, double-leaf versions with or without roller shutters/double-pane windows.

Vasistas windows of various sizes can be mounted in utility rooms. Quotes of windows and door of different types can be written upon request.


Electrical wiringand plumbing systems are not included in the standard supply. However, specific offers can be written upon specific request from the client.


The prefabricated buildings are built in compliance with the law for the construction of the industry, namely: M.D. January 14, 2008 “Technical Standards for Construction”.

Prices are calculated for installation in areas with snow load up to 150 kg (suspended loads in ceiling or roof, maximum 15 kg/square meters), different levels of seismicity, EXC2 execution class and wind pressure up to 100 km/h .

Upon request, the structural calculation report will be provided, in compliance with the above mentioned laws and regulations.


This prefabricated building is well suitable for commercial uses:
• small business
• management offices
commercial facilities
dining halls and dining halls
changing rooms with or without toilet facilities
social and sport facilities
hospital facilities
laboratories and craft companies
trade exhibitions
activities in general.

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