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Thanks to the experience, the great adaptability and the robustness of the modules destined for the military branches, New House has brought the same technology in the civilian sector with prefabricated mono-blocks of great versatility that allow to obtain highly qualified and performing constructions.


Robustness, ease of installation, configuration variability and versatility of use distinguish the M1 module which – thanks to the ISO dimensions and the cast steel corner blocks – can be fitted in any way up to three overlapped levels.
The units can be transported either assembled or disassembled, packed and stacked in packages of 4 or 5 units – flat-pack system – toreduce transport costs, yet ensuring ease of assembly.


Lengths: 2.99 – 6.05 – 9.12 – 12.19 m
Width: 2.44 – 2.94 m
Interior heights: 2.30 – 2.50 – 2.70 – 3.00 m
External heights: 2.62 – 2.82 – 3.02 – 3.28 m
Other sizes available upon request.


The prefabricated structure is made of galvanized steel profiles with a thickness of min. 2.5 mm, with the possibility to reach thicknesses up to 4.0 mm.

The vertical uprights are fixed by bolting to the relevant roof and base corner blocks made of steel and equipped with ISO drilling.

The transversal floor and covering bracing is made of tubular rods welded to the longitudinal profiles.

The standard painting in RAL 9002 color with single-component paint can be replaced with other colors upon request.


Exterior and interior perimeter curtain walls are made of sandwich panels with variable thickness starting from 50 mm internally foamed with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam with galvanized and pre-painted micro-fretted sheets of various thicknesses available either smooth or embossed.

The junction of the panels is of a male-female dustproof type. The external walls have a minimum thickness of 50 mm.
The color of the wall panels, inside and outside, is RAL 9002 (white / gray) with the possibility of changing colors on customer request.

The wall panelscan be dismantled by the customer and be repositioned at will to create configurations differing from the initial one.


Roof structure made of galvanized steel profiles, minimum thickness 2.5 mm, connected to the steel corner blocks.

The roof is made of insulated panels with a high water penetration thickness of 50 mm and a fret height of 40 mm.

The panels are appropriately sealed with gaskets and putty to further guarantee the rainwater seal. The color of the panels is RAL 9002 (white/gray), it can be replaced with other colors upon request.


Thefloor structure is made of galvanized steel profiles with a min. 2.5 mm thickness welded to the corner steel blocks outfitted with ISO drilling. In the welded areas a galvanization process is carried out.

The flooring is made of water-repellent chipboard sheets with a thickness of 18 mm. The decking is made of vinyl mats with a thickness of 1.5 mm, light gray color or similar.

If any banks of toilet facilities are present, the floor panels are made of waterproof phenolic plywood. Further customizable materials and solutions are available upon request.

Flooring can be insulated with sandwich panels in polyurethane or mineral wool upon request.


Window and door frames are made of extruded aluminum or PVC profiles, RAL 9010white color. The windows have sliding opening, positioned on request, 3+3 mm glass, PVC roller shutters, water and dust seal with rubber seals.

The external doors are either flush or half-glazed with “frame/counter-frame” mounting system, positioned on request. Various accessories are available on request, such as opaque glass, double glazing, safety glass, blinds, shutters, insect screen, anti-panic bars, etc…

Windows and door frames together with the wall panels, can be dismantled by the customer and be repositioned at will to give rise to configurations different from the initial one.


The electrical wiring will be executed with a general connection for external connections at 220 V – 50 Hz supplied with a certificate of electrical conformity to CEI standards in compliance with current safety standards.

The installation will be exposed, with self-extinguishing PVC pipes and flame-retardant and smoke-proof cables, mounted on the roof with unhooked drops to be fixed on site.

Interior lighting with 1×36 W neon ceiling lights, 1×36 W sockets, 10/A switch, electrical board with differential, ground cable. Other types of equipment and standard fittings can be supplied upon request


The plumbing system will be built with exposed internal piping in propylene with thermo-welded joints and PVC.

Available endowments:
ceramic and ABS sinks and washbasins with H/C water mixer
ceramic toiletcomplete with accessories
• ceramic or ABS showers with curtains or box, fittings and mixer
electric water heaters.

Pre-arrangement of connection to the wiring mains included. Wall flush bank limit. Stainless steel sanitaryware and methane/LPG water heater available on request.


Wall panels of various types and thicknesses
Cladding panels
Floor coatings and panels
• Colored and thermal break window and door frames
Forks housings
Conditioning and heating systems
Roofing and canopies
Walkways and stairs
• Stainless steel sanitaryware
• Protective casing for any pipes


• Long-term building sites
Offices and sales offices
Temporary accommodations
Toilet facilities
Changing roomsand gymnasiums
Dining halls
Recreational areas
Technical rooms
• Self-service laundry rooms and much more.

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