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The Series Frontiera has been designed for high versatility and low cost management. It represents the basic and ideal solution for national and foreign worksite camps. The technology used allows changing the dimensions and configurations of the rooms to suit uses over time that are different from the original ones. The possibility of changing the thickness of the insulation and of being able to provide a structural basement guarantee its use in the most rigid climates and on the most diverse terrains.

It is therefore a smart solution for all situations in which comfortable and safe rooms are needed in a short time. This prefab allows the maximum use of the internal spaces since the structural pillars are external to the walls so that the internal side is free and clear. This solution allows the installation of perimeter walls of any thickness and material, also for the insulation required to achieve the insulation required by the current energy legislation.


Robustness, esthetics, cheapness, durability over time.


Lengths: 5,10 – 7,60 – 10,10 – 12,60 – 15,10 – 17,60 – 20,10 – 22,60 – 25,10 – 27,60 – 30,10 – 32,60 – 35,10 – 37,60 – 40,10 – 42,60 – 45,10 – 47,60 – 50,10 m
Width: 5,00 – 6,00 – 7,20 – 8,40 – 9,60 – 10,80 – 12,00 m
Inner heights: 2,70 – 3,00 e sino a 4,50 m
Outer heights: approximately 1.50 m beyond the inner height
Other sizes are available upon request.


The structure is obtained with load-bearing metal elements. The construction scheme reflects the modular system consisting of two uprights, double pitch truss, upper connection purlins with support function for the roof. The uprights are placed on the outside of the wall to guarantee an optimal fixing to the concrete base (to be borne by the customer).

All steel load-bearing structures are treated with a standard painting cycle in the industry, after surface cleaning. On request we can supply the protection cycle through hot galvanizing. Color of the RAL 9002 exposed structure, white gray.
The solution with basement is supplied as optional, made up of modular load-bearing frames, made with a perimeter “C”-shaped profile and a bracing of adequately-sized transversal and longitudinal profiles. In this solution, above the base structure of the basement frames, the flooring consisting of panels made of 18 mm thick V100 water-repellent chipboard is fixed by means of special riveted joints (or other chosen by the customer). The coating is made with homogeneous PVC.


The perimeter infill panels of the building, regardless of the load-bearing structure, consists of insulated self-extinguishing polyurethane panels with a 50 mm thickness, hot-injected under press at about 35/40 Kg/cubic meters, equipped with rubber seals to allow excellent insulation.

The ceiling is provided with self-bearing and foamed panels, similar to those used on the wall, with a 40 mm thickness.

Wall and ceiling color is RAL 9002 white-gray.


The roof of these prefabricated units is made of insulated panels with a mm 30 + 40 thickness, made up of a pre-painted corrugated external sheet, self-extinguishing polyurethane foam insulation and internal anti-condensate felt-paper fixed to the ridge cap.

A large rainwater collection vessel is included, placed on a single depth side, as it is a double pitch roof, including downspouts fixed to the outside of the wall.


The white prepainted aluminum window frames can be chosen from a wide range. The standard includes the inclusion of 1040 x 1120 mm sliding windows with transparent glass and protective bars, 1040 x 2200 mm half glazed doors and lower panel. The interior doors have dimensions from 790-890 x 2100 mm.

The interior doors have dimensions of 700-800 x 2.07 mm. On request, other window frames are always available such as 2040 x 1120 mm double-sidedawning/hoppersliding windowsdouble-leaf versions with or without roller shutters/double-pane windows.

Vasistas windows of various sizes can be mounted in utility rooms. Quotes of doors and windows of different type can be written upon request.


Electrical wiring and plumbing systems are not included in the standard supply. However, specific offers can be written upon request from the client.


The prefabricated buildings are built in compliance with the law for the construction of the industry, namely: M.D. January 14, 2008 “Technical Standards for Construction”.

Prices are calculated for installation in areas with snow load up to 150 kg (suspended loads in ceiling or roof, maximum 15 kg/square meters), different levels of seismicity, EXC2 execution class and wind pressure up to 100 km/h.

Upon request, the structural calculation report will be provided, in compliance with the above mentioned laws and regulations.


This prefabricated building is well suitable for commercial uses:
• small business
• teaching
• accommodations for worksite camps
• management offices
• commercial facilities
• gymnasiums
• dining halls and dining halls
• changing rooms with or without toilet facilities
• social and sport facilities
• hospital facilities
• schools
• laboratories and craft companies
• trade exhibitions and roofs for general businesses

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