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The Series 1000 mono-block is the basic model of the New House range.
Created for the needs of the building sites, it is well suited to multiple uses – it is in fact manufactured in various sizes and heights – combining convenience with maximum versatility and great strength at a low pricethanks to mass production.

The structure of the Series 1000 module has the proper dimensions according to the technical standards NCT 2008 and subsequent amendments for temporary or construction site installations. Anti-seismic calculation report achievable according to M. D. 14/01/2008. Thanks to the variety of materials and solutions available, it can be easily customized and configured in various types.

The module can also be supplied in a flat-pack version, becoming even more versatile and advantageous from an economic standpoint.
Thanks to this solution the module can be easily assembled in all its parts in a very short time and very easily even by unskilled personnel. Two people manage to assemble a complete module in about 40 minutes, while a combination of several modules can be assembled in less than two hours.


Lengths: 2,50 – 3,10 – 3,60 – 4,10 – 4,60 – 5,10 – 6,10 – 7,10 – 8,10 – 9,10 – 10,10 – 11,10 – 12,10 m
Width: 2,40 m
Inner heights: 2,20 – 2,50 – 2,70 m
Outer heights: 2,45 – 2,75 – 2,95 m
Other sizesare available upon customer’s request.


The structure, with hooking plates on the roof, is entirely built in painted galvanized steelwith a special one-component vinyl varnish with a high clinging power.

The RAL 9002 (white/gray) can be replaced with another color upon request.


The side walls are made ofsandwich panelsavailable from 40 mm, with pre-painted RAL 9002 micro-corrugated sheets (white/gray), internally foamed with polyurethane foam.

Other customizations relating to type and thickness of insulation and coatings/claddings, are available upon request.


The roof is made of insulated panels similar to those of the walls, with a thickness of 30 + 40 mm to ensure a high seal against water infiltration.

Other customizations for thicknesses and insulating materials, are available upon request.


The base structureis made of galvanized steel metal profiles with galvanized coating in the welded areas. The flooring is made of water-repellent chipboard or, on request, with phenolic plywood and covered with vinyl.

In the case of multiple banks of toilets, the panels are always made of water-repellent plywood coated with homogeneous PVC.
Other solutions such as ceramic flooring are available on request, for quick cleaning even with pressure water jets, 40×60 mm longitudinal members give additional support without the need for beads or masonry work.

All bases can be integrated with fork pockets for fork lift upon request.


Window and door framesare made of extruded aluminum or PVC profiles, RAL 9010 white color.

The windows have sliding opening, positioned on request, 4 mm tempered glass and with security bars, water and dust seal with rubber seals.

The external doors are either flush or half-glazed with “frame/counter-frame” mounting system, positioned on request.

Various accessories are available on request, such as opaque glass, double glazing, safety glass, blinds, shutters, mosquito nets, anti-panic bars, etc…


The module is equipped with an electrical wiringwith a general board set up for external connection to 220V – 50 Hz.

The standard features are 60W ceiling lights, 10A switches, 16 / 10A electrical sockets. Other equipment available to the customer’s choice.


Where the sanitary-plumbing system is included, the internal pipes are made up of exposed propylene.

Fittings and fixtures includewall-mounted toilets, shower traysand ABS sinks, chrome-plated faucets and wall-mounted electric water heaters.

There are versions with stainless steel sanitaryware and natural gas / LPG-operated water heaters or other equipment chosen by the customer.


Fork lift housingsin the basement
Fork lift housingsin the basement
Floor insulation
Door and window frames, electrical wiring and plumbing system different from standard
• Differential and magneto-thermal switches
Roofs and canopies, connecting tunnels
• Various colors
Pressure reducers for inlet water supply
Possible shipment with flat-packpackaging coming with mounting instructions.


Building siteoffices and facilities
• Temporary offices
Bungalows for temporary accommodations
• Small points of sale
Meal distribution rooms
• Storage warehouses
Sentry boxes
and more.

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