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Robustness and versatility are the key characteristics of the M1 Explorer module. Given the great success of the M1 series of military derivation, New House has enhanced the range of their prefabricated buildings by making interesting structural changes that have produced a module particularly suited to extreme weather and logistics conditions.

The isolation of the Series Explorer mono-block has indeed been improved thanks to the cavity created with the addition of the external corrugated steel sheet. This expedient provides additional protection against direct radiation on the module walls and roof, considerably increasing the insulation capacity of the expanded polyurethane walls.

The same consideration is valid for the use of the Explorer module in cold climate areas where additional rock wool panels are added to the sandwich panel in polyurethane foam. This paneling, combined with thermal break windows, ensures a high degree of insulation that makes the interior comfortable and repaired.


Structures with internal heights starting from mt. 30 up to mt. 3.00 are included due to the intended use of the single modules or the set of modules for offices, accommodations, dining halls, etc… These prefabricated modules are particularly suitable for foreign worksite camps as they can be transported disassembled and packed, thus allowing a significant optimization of transport costs.

There is a wide possibility of adapting the product to the conditions of use, with possible variations of finishes, window and door frames and insulation. In the use of the Explorer Series prefabricated module as accommodation, a wide range of interior finishes are available such as laminate walls with different colors, wood or porcelain tile flooring, elegant and comfortable restroom fittings and finishes.

These solutions are particularly interesting for VIP and executive housing, in worksite camps or in similar applications.

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