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Especially in the cities and in the inhabited centers one of the possible field of application of Domino installation is that of the Infopoint, thanks to the great ability to adapt and integrate perfectly with the surrounding urban fabric.

Mainly intended for the public administrationsDomino Infopoint is a structure with great visibility and functionality to better serve customers and tourists who visit the city centersDomino offers the possibility to provide information and assistance in a cozy environment, and it is positioned in the right place.

A further strong point is the possibility to customize the exteriors and the interiors as desired, in order to perfectly match the structure to the urban context thanks to an innovative design.

The elements of the Infopoint module that can be customized vary from the finishing materials to the lighting, from the openings to the false ceiling, from the counter-walls to any external elements such as footboards to increase the surface of the module.


New House prefabricated modules with Domino outfitting have one of their natural outlets in the Temporary Shop or temporary points of sale, managing to perfectly combine the cheapness and simplicity of use and transport of the traditional prefabricated module with an innovative design able to perfectly suit all situations.

Domino Temporary Shop is an elegant, versatile, customizable and highly visible structure; a modular system completely customizable according to the particular needs of the customer and suitable for promotion and sales activities in an innovative and original way.

Domino Temporary Shop combines the advantages of the traditional prefabricated module (cheapness, flexibility, ease of handling and assembly) with the advantages of a structure conceived and designed to promote its products and services.

Unlike the classic prefabricated module, Domino is completely customizable in the interior layout, exterior cladding and materials used.

The additional components that can be customized vary from the finishing materials to the lighting, from the counter walls that cover the module up to additional elements such as any external platforms to increase the available surface. Also on the materials there is a wide range of choices as it is possible to customize the external panels, the false ceiling, the floor finishes and the walls to create the perfect sales point.

The result is a structure able to maintain the advantages of the prefabricated module but also to establish itself as a new form of communication: the modules can in fact be positioned in transit areas in order to instantly attract the attention of passers-by, also thanks to the possibility to apply images, logos or promotional messages.

The New House Temporary Shop can be used in various contexts: from urban centers to exhibitions and fairs and in all those situations where an activity must be promoted and valued by the public.


The architectural design of Domino Solutions Sea outfitting has been designed to meet all the possible needs of operators in the tourism industry. These solutions are in fact entirely customizable by the customer, thanks to the ability to partition and configure the interior, therefore these structures are particularly suitable for use in beach resorts and tourist reception.

In addition to the possibility of combining several structures thanks to the advantages of the prefabricated modulecomplementary elements such as toiletschanging rooms or other rooms according to needs can be added.

The module can also be customized in all its components: from the finishing materials to the internal partitions to optimize the spaces, up to possible external elements such as platforms and canopies to increase the surface of the structure.

The materials used to build the Domino Solutions Sea module are all of the highest quality and resistant to any type of weather conditions, thus ensuring high durability over time and easy maintenance.


New House, for over 40 years on the prefabrication market, designs and manufactures kiosk bars with Domino outfitting.

The saturation of the historic centers and the lack of masonry premises mean that the demand and the presence of mobile sales points such as the kiosks, increase more and more.

New House prefabricated buildings with Domino outfitting, in addition to having all the advantages of a real bar or brick kiosk, are very attractive thanks to the simplicity of installation and management, typical of traditional prefabricated modules, combined with the ability to customize the architectural design of the module in its various elements, finally allowing it to be perfectly inserted into any urban context.

Domino is completely customizable in its elements: from the possibility of combining more modules to the possibility of customizing the various elements that make up the structure such as openings, any canopies and external platforms, tilting fixtures and various finishing materials.


Among the numerous prefabricated buildings supplied to our customers with the Domino outfitting, those modules used as Urban Design accent in prominent squares and contexts are especially remarkable.

The most popular applications in this area are bars, infopoints, ticket booths and temporary outlets.

The first stage involves the laying of the module.
If necessary – especially if the prefab consists of several modules – our technicians will coordinate the installation and the combination.

Quick finishing operations of external cladding and insertion of plug-in elements complete the assembly of the module. Electrical and conditioning systems are normally pre-assembled.

The wide range of customization options for the Domino fitting always includes the supply of high quality materials, which have always been a hallmark of our production philosophy.

The main goal of New House is always to work with the customer to get the most suitable customization to the destination context of the module.


Domino stems from the idea of ​​making the customer the absolute protagonist in the customization of all New House prefabricated modules.
This is thanks to the availability of a huge variety of interior and exterior outfittings and coating/cladding materials that, combined with each other, create numerous combinations to suit the prefab to the needs of many areas.
Domino outfitting is possible on any New House product: Series 1000, Series 2000, Series M1, Jolly, Frontier. The variety of materials and colors leads to the discovery of new esthetic looks and plug-in finishes that allow a complete customization of the unit.

The assembly of the various materials and finishing solutions of the Domino installation allows the rapid installation of the module in any context – both urban and extra-urban. Most of the coating/cladding processes, as well as the system components, are carried out in the factory, so that the finish can be carried out at the building site with simple and quick operations.

The walls of the modules with Domino outfitting can be equipped with openings that allow the insertion of windows and fixed glazed windows in various shapes and sizes. Circles, squares, diamonds and rectangles can be obtained on the panels of the module to create showcases or skylights that are based on specific esthetic looks or to create illuminated spaces with special lighting effects for shops, bars and reception facilities for the public.

The range of Domino Line materials is really wide.
For both internal finishes and external claddings the task of our operators is to let the customer know the wide range of solutions and to suggest the most suitable one for the specific use. Reconstituted wood, expanded sheet metal, metal panels coated with plastic films, laminated wood, alveolar polycarbonate, Alubond panels, PVC, wood planks, wooden platforms, mineral fiber or perforated sheet countertops, metal cloths, PVC bases: … you name it!

The lighting system, and more in general, the electrical wiring of the modules with Domino fitting is also widely customizable. In fact, all the system solutions required to add value to the prefabricated module are used. Some solutions include, for instance, spotlights and ceiling lights embedded in the false ceiling, LED lighting with white or colored lights, recessed wall sockets and switches, home automation systems with radio receivers and more.

To complete the wide range of materials and finishes, platforms, canopies, stairs, walkways, outdoor awnings,
sliding panels and other plug-in finishes are available.
The “plug-in” finishes are the necessary completion of the Domino concept and can be quickly installed minimizing assembly time and creating a variety of accessories for the prefabricated module at the same time. The impact of “plug-ins” can be seen from all those elements such as external platforms or sliding panels, a value added from a functional standpoint.



The outer walls, made of 50 mm sandwich panels, can be covered with a variety of materials such as reconstituted wood, micro-perforated expanded metal, Alubond-type covering panels with colored aluminum façade and internal insulation (2.5 mm thick) mm), laminated wood, colored alveolar polycarbonate, aluminum sunbreakers, external awnings and much more.


The roof is made of insulated panels similar to those of the walls, with a thickness of 50 + 40 mm to guarantee a high seal against water infiltration.
The thickness of the roof panels can be varied if necessary. Furthermore, additional external cover can be added to the module cover to create a more comfortable indoor environment thanks to the high degree of insulation.


The flooring is made of water-repellent plywood covered with homogeneous PVC.

For particular applications, especially in damp environments, panels in wood concrete, rot-proof and completely resistant to water and termites can be used.

Multiple types of coatings such as thick PVC, anti-slip PVC, PVC-like wood floor are available upon request. Moreover, wooden floors or ceramic tile floors can be assembled for a quick cleaning even with pressure water jets, or longitudinal members in the base for easy aeration of the floor.

All bases can integrate fork pockets for fork lift upon request.



The Domino fitting also includes furnishing elements in various materials such as wood, acrylic stone, expanded metal and compressed wood. This accent furniture includes exhibitors, modular furniture for bar counters and technical compartments, steel shelving.

Moreover, the customer can choose to insert additional elements in order to obtain the furniture or furnishing accessory most suited to their specific need.


The wide variety of combinations of materials and solutions does not exhaust the versatility of Domino installation.

Further flexibility arises from the possibility of combining multiple modules to form original buildings, even on two and three levels, complete with open space rooms, corridors, canopies, stairs and specific windows.



  • Kiosks
  • Infopoints
  • Sentry boxes
  • Public toilets
  • Bike stations
  • Water/Milk stations


  • Kiosks
  • Infopoints
  • Bungalows
  • Reception
  • Public toilets
  • Sea solutions


  • Outlet point
  • Offices
  • Exhibition events
  • Technical rooms
  • Temporary Shops
  • Nurseries


  • Temporary Houses
  • Mini Houses

DOMino: Modular evolution


The materials used and the architectural design make Domino an important innovation in the design of the prefabricated module.


An eye-catching design resulting from a precise architectural development. It is the customer who chooses materials and solutions to give the prefabricated module the desired look.


An innovative module created with materials that respect the environment and allow it to be integrated into green areas to minimize the visual impact on the environment.


It can be used in various fields and it is entirely customizable in terms of configuration and materials.


The possibility of combining multiple modules allows identifying the most suitable arrangement for any situation, including the creation of large open-space rooms or the raising on several levels.


The modules of Domino series make it suitable for various application areas such as kiosks, reception rooms, infopoints, bars, offices, technical rooms, temporary shops and more.

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