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New House manufactures a wide range of containers for multiple uses. Some of the sectors for which the company has historically built and supplied their products with great customer satisfaction are the civilianindustrial and military ones.

In all fields of application, New House containers highlight an ultra-decade know-how that is a guarantee of quality and reliability of the company. This experience translates into products that differ in their high level of versatility and functionality. An additional hallmark of our products is the fact that the specific needs of the customer are always met.

The great variety of applications allowed New House to acquire excellent construction knowledge that allows an efficient use of materials and equipment in order to obtain highly functional products, required for an efficient operational use.


Among the most typical applicationscontainers for the following uses are included:
• Board rooms
• General technical rooms
• Operating rooms (e.g.: electromechanical workshops, painting cabin, etc…)
• Mobile clinics
• Itinerant shops
• Power transformation rooms (BT, MT)
• Check areas
• Accommodations for off-shores or RIG
• Off-shore offices
• Military telecommunications

The monolithic structure of the container, obtained with the use of the characteristic welded corrugated sheet, is a hallmark of its robust construction.

The containers – structurally designed according to Eurocodici – can be manufactured in class of fire resistance R-EI-REI, in A60-class ship fire resistance.

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