New House’s prefabricated toilets are ideal for meeting the needs associated with large public events, emergency situations, making up for momentary service interruptions, and temporary exhibition set-ups or complexes.

Equipped with remarkable structural soundness and enriched by important finishes that may include panel walls with Polyurethane core of various sizes, Homogeneous PVC flooring, stainless steel, almond aluminum or ceramic and solid marine plywood axles, New House prefabricated toilets are also designed to have great resistance to moisture.

The insertion of water mains can be arranged under the plinth using profiles of increased height. It is also possible to study customized solutions such as complexes with several modules joined together, solutions with overlapping units, or others worked out according to specific customer needs.

Before each realization, the New House technical department engages in a phase of study and analysis of the place of realization, and the needs of the client.
Each New House module is unique: designed for the individual customer and for a specific need, it guarantees a qualitatively high performance that can be modulated over time.
Our production facility of more than 100,000 square meters guarantees the production of as many as 27 units per day.
We complete the project with a quick and dedicated installation by our professional fitters, which also includes connection of utilities and testing for proper operation.

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