Retail Outlets Solutions

Prefabricated point-of-sale solutions designed by New House use the versatility of modular prefabrication to create units specifically tailored to the merchant’s needs.

The interesting interior configurations succeed in meeting the merchant’s operational needs but also to make the customer’s experience of being received in the unit a pleasant one.

For this, the emphasis is shifted to customized finishes and aesthetic accouterments upon client specification to achieve the most qualitatively and functionally suitable room.

The materials used, include laminate parquet or porcelain stoneware, aluminum slatted ceilings, pressed mineral wool or plasterboard squares, colored plastic material walls or with plasterboard cladding, exterior cladding with aluminum or laminated wood panels.

These and other finishing materials make New House’s prefabricated sales units creative, eye-catching and functional.

In addition, fixed glazing, single and double sliding doors, plunger-opening doors, pull-out platforms, doors with electrically released openings, recessed spot lighting, air conditioning and heating along with any store-specific furnishings provide additional value to themodular unit.

All units can be coated with stickers screen-printed with customized images, logos or slogans. In addition, units can be equipped with technical compartments for heating and air conditioning, service rooms and toilet rooms.

Before each realization, the New House technical department engages in a phase of study and analysis of the place of realization, and the needs of the client.
Each New House module is unique: designed for the individual customer and for a specific need, it guarantees a qualitatively high performance that can be modulated over time.
Our production facility of more than 100,000 square meters guarantees the production of as many as 27 units per day.
We complete the project with a quick and dedicated installation by our professional fitters, which also includes connection of utilities and testing for proper operation.

Ticket offices and guardhouses

The use of New House prefabricated modules, due to their high versatility, is one of the preferred avenues for the establishment of ticket offices, reception points, guard stations and highway toll collectors’ premises.

The wide variety of interior finishes and external of prefabs, which include windows and doors, glazing, suspended ceilings, PVC or tile flooring, custom electrical and plumbing systems, air conditioning and heating, as well as the possible inclusion of canopies and decorative elements, allow for the development of a ready-to-use product and really suited to the actual needs of ‘use of the customer and the user.

All prefabricated modules are equipped with electrical and plumbing systems necessary for the operation of the units and made in accordance with current regulations and prepared for quick connections to external lines.

Stores and kiosks

From the elegant showroom in the city center to the kiosk bar by the sea, the versatility of New House prefabricated units is always expressed at the highest level.

Real estateoutlets, info points, telephone centers, prefabricated bars or typical food kiosks, all equipped with the necessary equipment and furnishings for the business: numerous solutions have been designed for numerous clients, both Italian and foreign.

Externally, elements such as hatches equipped with lighting, steel platforms and insertions of advertising graphics make the module welcoming and functional.

Among the various solutions created to meet precise customer needs is, for example, the ice cream kiosk module, the result of exemplary customization work.
In fact, a monolithic exterior structure and roof anchorage points make it possible to easily move this interesting prefabricated module.

Internally, specially designed refrigeration sections to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the product give the module a structural elegance and refined design.

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