Construction Site Solutions

New House stands out among shipbuilding operators for providing complete work camps consisting of prefabricated housing, canteens and field kitchens, construction workshops, laboratories, executive and construction offices, laundries, prefabricated locker rooms, infirmaries and recreational areas.

The resulting rooms are composed of prefabricated monoblocks, single or combined units, all of which can be perfectly adapted to the needs of construction sites, and can include special technical solutions such as, for example, the use of thermal and acoustic insulation panels, installed if necessary for the end use.

Prefabricated units for construction sites are built with structures, windows and doors, walls and insulated roofing made with different technologies in accordance with the specific needs of the customer.

Work camps are also available on aturnkeybasis, complete with furnishings and facilities, which is very useful to relieve the client from complex coordination work of multiple suppliers.

Before each realization, the New House technical department engages in a phase of study and analysis of the place of realization, and the needs of the client.
Each New House module is unique: designed for the individual customer and for a specific need, it guarantees a qualitatively high performance that can be modulated over time.
Our production facility of more than 100,000 square meters guarantees the production of as many as 27 units per day.
We complete the project with a quick and dedicated installation by our professional fitters, which also includes connection of utilities and testing for proper operation.

Fields of Work

New House’s experience has been established over the years in the study and design of the most suitable solutions for the functionalset-up of work camps suitable to accommodate personnel of all levels: VIP, managerial and operational.

The establishment of work camps is functional for the construction site of major works such as highways, high-speed rail sections, and infrastructure works.

The solutions developed by New House adapt to the client’s operational and contextual needs while providing an economically and technically highly advantageous combination of materials and technical features.

The solutions designed by New House also allow for optimal use of available space in a way that makes it easier for the client to set up base camp.

Prefabricated housingmodules and housing complexes,
sanitary facilities
and locker rooms, offices, self-service canteens, laundries, infirmaries and recreational areas are just some of the possible solutions. Turnkeydelivery always achieves excellent results.

The extreme versatility of New House fields of work is demonstrated by demand and installation in the most diverse areas of the world.

Construction Sites

The typical construction site unit is normally supplied as a prefabricated one-piece solution, available in a variety of sizes and configurations, easily moved without the need for special assembly work.

All prefabricated units can be supplied in matched or overlapping conformation and combined in a variety of ways to obtain spaces and rooms with suitable and functional dimensions and configurations.

The technical and usage characteristics of these products make it possible to install them directly on concrete slabs. Inside, prefabricated modules can be fitted with multilayer wood or wood cement flooring and covered with porcelain tile, PVC or linoleum.
Floating or other types of walking surface floors can also be installed.

All prefabs are equipped with compliant electrical and water systems and mount high-quality PVC or aluminum windows and doors, complete with accessories such as double glazing, shutters, mosquito nets, Venetian blinds and more.

On request, units can be equipped with smoke and flame detection systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, air conditioning, and explosion-proof systems.

Field Workshops

By taking advantage of the technology of the
Frontier Series
large operational spaces can be realized to be devoted to workshop or storage use.

These products are made with a post and truss system, with infill and carry-over covers, and normally provide for various possible sizes, both standard and extra-standard.

The width of the trusses can vary from 6 to 12 meters, and the available heights can reach up to 4 meters useful interior. Higher heights, up to 7 meters, can be specially designed.

All prefabricated units are mounted directly on concrete slabs and can be completed with flooring of your choice depending on the type of work they will be used for.

Characteristics and thicknesses of roof and wall panels may vary due to climatic conditions or other special needs.

Various types of window and door frames equipped with panic bars are available. Each supply can be accompanied by gates, normally sliding on wheels and ground rails, to allow access for means and vehicles.

Canteens and Field Kitchens

Setting up the kitchen and canteen areas becomes a key activity in organizing one of the most important site needs.

New House prefabricated canteen and field kitchen environments are designed around the inclusion of operational equipment and facilities.

Hoods, ovens, cookers, dishwashers, countertops, self-service counters, bar counters, tables, chairs, and a wide range of industrial appliances-these are just some of the elements that provide the performance needed to create a functional work environment.

Spacious spaces created with the use of mullion and truss construction technology are complemented by insulated double-pitch roofing with faux tile design, insulated false ceilings, possible porcelain tile flooring, aluminum window frames, electrical, plumbing, cooling and heating systems make the environment more comfortable.

As always, all structures comply with occupational health and safety regulations and can be supplied with structural calculation report along with all material certifications.

It is also possible to have certification attesting to fire resistance prepared on appropriate ministerial forms for the purpose of issuing CPI (Fire Prevention Certificate).

Single/Biplane Housing

The use of prefabricated housing modules to be able to house the personnel employed in close proximity to the work area makes for a more functional and productive construction site.

Solutions with New House living modules are available in a wide variety of configurations, if necessary complete with sanitary ware and enriched with the necessary equipment and options to make rooms cozy and comfortable.

The range includes both simple and economical solutions as well as customized solutions characterized by the use of a wide variety of materials to achieve even fine finishes, such as parquet floors, suspended ceilings, interior plasterboard paneling, colored aluminum thermal break windows and doors, and elegant sanitary equipment.

Communal toilet units, which can also be supplied in several solutions and with a wide qualitative variety of equipment, can be easily attached to the living quarters, making a comfortable and livable environment available to staff.

All materials used and construction solutions, comply with current safety and health regulations.

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