From small sports associations to the most renowned and structured ones, New House sports solutions have always met a wide variety of customer needs as an alternative to traditional constructions.

Large spaces, structural soundness, easy positioning, functionality and versatility of our prefabricated modules are indispensable elements to meet the needs of all kinds of sports reality, from the associations and athletic club, tennis, swimming, golf, to the teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby and any other sport.

Showers with non-slip aluminized almond aluminum tubs, integrated prefabricated toilets, comfortable locker rooms: single or combined New House sports center modules can be equipped with a wide range of equipment and accessories to meet the needs of any reality.

Prefabs for sports centers, are made in full compliance with current health and work safety regulations and can be supplied with structural calculation report and Thermal Report upon request.

Before each realization, the New House technical department engages in a phase of study and analysis of the place of realization, and the needs of the client.
Each New House module is unique: designed for the individual customer and for a specific need, it guarantees a qualitatively high performance that can be modulated over time.
Our production facility of more than 100,000 square meters guarantees the production of as many as 27 units per day.
We complete the project with a quick and dedicated installation by our professional fitters, which also includes connection of utilities and testing for proper operation.

Sports Centers

Our prefabs for sports centers, locker rooms and gyms offer structural soundness, material quality, comfort, cost-effectiveness and functionality.

Depending on requirements, they can be equipped with equipped rooms, showers or toilets. The materials used are specially chosen to provide customers with high value-added products.

Heavy-gauge galvanized steel metal structures, polyurethane sandwich insulation panels, PVC or other material walking surfaces, aluminum fixtures, and electrical systems with qualitative components are just some of the possible solutions.

The addition of the necessary equipment for the conduct ofphysical activity, provided at the request of the customer, completes the product from the functional point of view, simplifying the ‘organization and management of the sports center.

Changing rooms

The large rooms that can be obtained with our prefabricated modules are ideal for housing prefabricated locker rooms with toilets and showers and rooms for equipment and facilities.

Adaptable to all needs, New House locker room modules are fully customizable and can be used as permanent rooms for soccer fields, sports facilities and gyms.
When needed, they lend themselves excellently to any kind of use even for temporary needs.

All types of prefabricated locker rooms can be fitted with structural reinforcements to give added strength when needed. Our sports modules are meticulously designed to provide functionally and aesthetically sound products.

As always, prefabricated locker rooms are manufactured in full compliance with current health and safety at work regulations and can be supplied with structural calculation report and Thermal Report if required.


The large open-spaces that can be achieved with our prefabricated modules allow for the configuration and setup of gymnasium rooms that can accommodate various types of equipment and accessories.

The configurations that can be adopted are many and are aimed at optimizing space to make the individual solution as closely match the customer’s actual needs as possible.
Ideal for sports associations as well as individuals and companies, gymnasium rooms can be joined by prefabricated locker rooms, which can be variously configured and can be built with structural reinforcements for added strength.

Prefabricated gymnasium units are manufactured in full compliance with current health and occupational safety regulations and can be supplied with structural calculation report and Thermal Report if needed.

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