New House emergency prefabs have always been widely used by first responders such as Civil Defense, Ministry of Interior, Fire Department, Italian Red Cross, national and international Armed Forces and humanitarian organizations such as UN and NATO.

New House prefabricated modules are the best solution for dealing with emergency situations or events in a timely manner. New House, thanks to its extensive experience in this field, is able to build and supply prefabricated units for all kinds of emergencies and with all kinds of uses: housing, dormitories, multipurpose toilets, kitchens, canteens, schools, social centers, places of worship, etc.

New House’s production capabilities, in the event of. urgent requests, can be enhanced through processing that can extend up to 3 daily shifts and allowing the production of up to 45 units per day totally finished in every part, complete with water and electricalsystems, furnishings (when required) and delivered to destination assembled and connected to utility networks, turnkey ready for use.

Before each realization, the New House technical department engages in a phase of study and analysis of the place of realization, and the needs of the client.
Each New House module is unique: designed for the individual customer and for a specific need, it guarantees a qualitatively high performance that can be modulated over time.
Our production facility of more than 100,000 square meters guarantees the production of as many as 27 units per day.
We complete the project with a quick and dedicated installation by our professional fitters, which also includes connection of utilities and testing for proper operation.

Civil Defense

The Civil Defense sector is one of the areas where New House’s experience is strongest and most deeply rooted thanks to the implementation of multiple interventions over the years.

For the operational management of theemergency, schools, prefabricated outdoor and indoor bathrooms, canteens and mobile kitchens, social centers, and places of worship are normally provided in addition to the normal prefabricated single and multiple housing modules.

These types are then joined by other types of units used to supplement the main equipment such as cold rooms for storing foodstuffs, freezer rooms, accommodation units, and facilities for the disabled. All solutions can be equipped with the most diverse equipment.

All prefabricated modules are equipped with electrical and plumbing systems necessary for the operation of the units and made in accordance with current regulations and prepared for quick connections to external lines.

Military Departments

New House has developed several solutions aimed at the Armed For ces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) and other national and international security and emergency response forces such as the Fire Department, Civil and Military Red Cross, or individual regional and provincial emergency operations departments.

New House military modules are all characterized by great versatility, thanks to the strong thickness of the steels used and the cast steel corner blocks. Some specific features then increase the already high degree of flexibility, such as the interchangeability of all structural elements, the possibility of mounting insulation panels of various thicknesses and overlapping multiple units, and the provision of fork lift pockets.

The M1 military module, in the service version, can be made with catch basins and tanks for use in areas without connections and drains. These features allow immediate use of the module in the operational environment with the possibility of quick modifications when needed.

In addition to solutions for local use, special trailer-mounted solutions equipped with pull-out platforms and ladders have also been prepared.

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